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Celebrity pornstar Kendra Lust knows inspired sex toy is now available to buy at our online sex toy store for all men to help them get a mind-blowing orgasm with her superstar pussy. With this masturbator toy, she is sharing her magic with men across the world.

This Kendra Lust’s Vibrating Perfect Stroke Masturbator is moulded from Kendra’s exact body shape, so all her fans can experience what it is like to have super-hot sex with much-loved adult star Kendra herself.

The free movie download delivers all the visuals that men need to complete the orgasmic experience, and free lube keeps things sliding along to untainted desire.

With this stroker’s original accumulation technology, you can pass in with a flaccid or upright penis and let the sucking and stroking build until you reach an earth-shattering climax.

If you want to add more enjoyment to your sex life with this sex toy, you can add your favourite lubricant. To enjoy using it every time, make sure that you sprinkle refresh powder and also wash it using soap solution and water before storing it back in your cupboard.

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